Road trip to KC!

What a great family vacation!! We did lots of fun adventures with the kids and I kept my camera in the bag!  I did capture some moments on my phone camera, but for the most part, I enjoyed making memories with my family and watching them explore and laugh.  The pictures here are the ones I did take on my camera of the kids and family in KC.  We were able to capture some precious moments of Garrett and Great-Grandpa Stine!


Our trip to Alexis!

How could I not start this post with this picture?  This pict pretty much sums up the entire 5 days we were home in Alexis.  Parker and Mason have the best bond and have SO much fun together.  I love that even though we don’t get to see each other often, these two pick up where they left off…screaming, laughing, falling, crashing, throwing, etc.

We had a wonderful time in Alexis showing off Garrett.  The family of course soaked up all the time they could get with him.  I have pictures of everyone but Uncle Trent…he definitely had his share of Garrett time, but I guess I was taking care of the other two or something as I didn’t get a snap shot!

We took a cousins trip to the Putnam Museum.  The main exhibit was Dinosaurs and although we thought the girls might be scared as the dinos moved and made loud “roars” but they loved it.

The kids listened very intently as they were getting instructions of which buttons to push/not to push to make the dinos move, roar, etc. They all did such a great job behaving and had fun! Success!

The girls sharing some snacks.

The boys having a blast!

Parker enjoying a tractor ride with Papa! These are always so special!

My handsome boy, getting some one on one time with Mommy while we waited for Daddy at the train station.

Friends, 85th floor of the Hancock Tower, seeing the President fly by and Swimming…a great Saturday!

We have been friends with Ed and Chinnu for a long time, but have never been to their place downtown…what a gorgeous view of Chicago we were able to experience from their living room.  It was so awesome to take in the city from this height and for the kids to see the President and his choppers fly right by!

We had the pool to ourselves and the kids were in heaven. Parker has become so brave and still remembers the main things he learned from lessons over a year ago. Ryann on the other hand, no lessons, And she’s fearless…this was her first time swimming and we cannot wait for her to get in lessons soon as she loves the water!

Here are a few pictures and video links to enjoy!

I think this is only the 2nd picture we have of our family of five!


My loves!

Just keep swimming…

BIG jump!

Some playtime with Garrett.

Ryann begins counting!

Today Ryann and I were reading an Elmo book…one of her favorites that we have read many times.  I asked her to count the 5 stars we always count and she just kept going…to 10!  I was shocked and so proud of her as you can tell by Mommy’s scream at the end of the video.  Once I turned the video off, she continued on to 15!  She has been piecing together her ABC’s and Twinkle twinkle but this was different, it was something we always do…we count the grapes on her plate, we count to 20 when she washes her hands, we count the stairs, etc…and she’s learned!  It’s just one of those milestones you are extremely proud of because you know the little things you do on a daily basis really do count!  (For those new to following a blog, click on the title link to view the video.)

Hello Followers!

Welcome to our family’s new blog! This is my very first post but have no fear, there are many more to come.  I am hoping that I can update a couple times a week with things that we have been up to, milestones my children are reaching, and how we continue to manage with three kids age four and under!  I am just learning all about so I anticipate my blogging will become more efficient as I get more acquainted with the new site.

This is a bit bittersweet for me as I’m sad to see our site of the kids’ go as I’ve tried to keep it up to date as much as possible over the last four years, but as our family has transitioned to making things work with 3 kids, I also must transition…to a much more user friendly site that allows me to update our family and friends with our life’s happening and the photo and videos that go along with our craziness.

Happy Following! ~Tracy