Friends, 85th floor of the Hancock Tower, seeing the President fly by and Swimming…a great Saturday!

We have been friends with Ed and Chinnu for a long time, but have never been to their place downtown…what a gorgeous view of Chicago we were able to experience from their living room.  It was so awesome to take in the city from this height and for the kids to see the President and his choppers fly right by!

We had the pool to ourselves and the kids were in heaven. Parker has become so brave and still remembers the main things he learned from lessons over a year ago. Ryann on the other hand, no lessons, And she’s fearless…this was her first time swimming and we cannot wait for her to get in lessons soon as she loves the water!

Here are a few pictures and video links to enjoy!

I think this is only the 2nd picture we have of our family of five!


My loves!

Just keep swimming…

BIG jump!

Some playtime with Garrett.


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