Our trip to Alexis!

How could I not start this post with this picture?  This pict pretty much sums up the entire 5 days we were home in Alexis.  Parker and Mason have the best bond and have SO much fun together.  I love that even though we don’t get to see each other often, these two pick up where they left off…screaming, laughing, falling, crashing, throwing, etc.

We had a wonderful time in Alexis showing off Garrett.  The family of course soaked up all the time they could get with him.  I have pictures of everyone but Uncle Trent…he definitely had his share of Garrett time, but I guess I was taking care of the other two or something as I didn’t get a snap shot!

We took a cousins trip to the Putnam Museum.  The main exhibit was Dinosaurs and although we thought the girls might be scared as the dinos moved and made loud “roars” but they loved it.

The kids listened very intently as they were getting instructions of which buttons to push/not to push to make the dinos move, roar, etc. They all did such a great job behaving and had fun! Success!

The girls sharing some snacks.

The boys having a blast!

Parker enjoying a tractor ride with Papa! These are always so special!

My handsome boy, getting some one on one time with Mommy while we waited for Daddy at the train station.


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