Why does my 4 year always think he needs the last word?

I’ve always loved the cute comments Parker says. They make so much sense to him, and sure do make me smile. For example, this morning while eating breakfast he seems rather tired and just says. “Mom, I think I left my brain in my bed when I woke up”…how many times have I felt like that? Sure hope Parker’s waffles and strawberries will kickstart his brain like coffee does for me!

Then the morning goes on and it usually goes rather smoothly because Parker loves routine and knows what to expect every morning before school. However, the occasional argument sets us back a few minutes. I say argument because my 4-yr old tends to argue EVERYTHING. Maybe he’s going to be a politician the way he can debate. All I asked of him was to put on his new stocking hat bc it was 48 degrees out this morning and here’s how it went down:

“Mom, why do you always get me new hats”
“Well, I thought you’d like this one in particular bc it matches Dad’s but also bc your head grew since last year and you needed a new hat.”
“Yeah, but I look weird in hats.”
“Parker that’s silly bc you wear hats everyday”
“Yeah, but I can’t wear them in school.”
“You are right, but it’s cold outside and you need to wear it until you get in school.”
“I don’t care if my head gets cold.”
“You need it so you don’t get a cold and start coughing again.”
With a huge sigh–“Mom, the hat doesn’t cover my mouth, it’s not going to help me from coughing”

This is when in realized I should have just said “Because I said so!”

Parker’s quote from last week holds true everyday even though it may be in argument form the majority of the time…”God has connected smart wires into my brain!”


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