A glimpse into my future…and I kind of like it!

I have two boys and a girl…all under the age of four.  I’m so consumed with planning and organizing to make sure each day runs as smoothly as possible, as few tantrums as I can prevent, and praying to get through the unexpected which always happens with little ones, that I forget to stop and smell the roses…or for this scenario, to look into the future!

Pulling into the parking lot of my favorite store, my beautiful 2-year old daughter, rips off her head phones from watching Dora on the DVD in the van to say “Mommy, r we goin’ shoppin?” Why, yes, sweetheart we are…Target, here we come!  Now, this was just supposed to be a quick trip but my little girl had lots she wanted to look at.  For the very first time, I heard her sweet voice say “I gotta have that!”  Excuse me?  You are TWO!  Now, you may think we were in the toy isle, but nope, she was referring to a hooded towel.  Ha!

We did browse through the toy section as we needed to get a birthday present for a friend, but all she asked was to push buttons and name everything she could think of that she saw and recognized.  Not one tantrum, not once did she beg for anything, just a fun shopping trip with Mommy.  I can only hope that when she gets older and is surrounded by the all the “wants” around her, that she will still enjoy just shopping with Mommy for the things we need. However, I am excited for the day we get to shop for her first prom dress!


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