Picture updates and home videos!

Here are pictures from the past month or so!  A trip to the apple orchard, Halloween, serving at the nursing home on Halloween with our Mom’s Group, a beautiful fall day at the park, and Garrett’s 4 month photos. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see all the video links to our home videos! 😉

Here are some classic at home family videos…enjoy!

http://youtu.be/FBVbq6Ps0W0 (Garrett’s new pacifier)

http://youtu.be/qFe98cQaSas (sibling time)

http://youtu.be/hb_5ttrcoJI (Ryann’s ABC’s)

http://youtu.be/zmL2MUzX6sA (Ryann’s ABC’s-take 2)

http://youtu.be/1G2eXLzzDwQ (Dance party…Please disregard the music that they are dancing too…not a parents first choice, but they like the tune!)

http://youtu.be/8bgli9O7MEA (Parker’s kwazimoto)

http://youtu.be/NAh5_i6sC24 (Last but not least…Ryann’s giggles!  This is just audio but I recorded her laugh while I was tickling her!)


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