All I want for Christmas is…water!

One of my favorite things that we do as a family is right after dinner.  Sometimes all we can handle is the scramble of cleaning up toys, getting all 3 kiddos bathed, and our bedtime routine, but some nights we manage to squeeze in some special time.  This could be simple as reading a book, doing a puzzle, playing a game, a tickle fight or our fun last night which was the question game.  We started this game right after Garrett was born to give Parker and Ryann some focused attention.  Chris and I would each have one kid on our lap, one of us would ask a question that each child could answer and then we’d smooch the child and then have them switch laps.  This little game turned into way more fun than I’d intended as they’d dive over each other on the couch, and jump on us wanting to be asked the question first.

Last night’s questions:
What is your favorite food? What is your favorite animal? @ the zoo?  @ the farm? What is your favorite activity with Mommy?  with Daddy? and then our favorite responses…

What do you want for Christmas from Santa?
Parker: Nonstop talking Ninja Turtle
Ryann: Dora the Explorer (not sure what exactly but anything will do I’m sure)

What do you want for Christmas from Mommy & Daddy?
Parker: Power Rangers Samurizer Morpher
Ryann:  Water

Yep, she said water and then laughed…she knew she was funny!  This girl is hilarious and tries everything in her power to be the center of attention, which she usually succeeds!  Parker then says, “My sister is hilarious…I just love her.”

A few minutes turned into a wonderful memory!!


One thought on “All I want for Christmas is…water!

  1. You are so good to come up with fun times for the kids.  I’ve been on Pinterest and searching for aprons, chef hats, etc.  I’ve come up with some good ideas.  What about a nurse outfit, also?    Can you double-check the list of animals?  I can’t remember if I got some for Parker’s birthday.   Does Ryann have a doll bed?  I was thinking of bedding if she has one but need to know the size.   How long is Bitty Baby?  I found a pattern for Itty Bitty baby diapers?  Let me know any other ideas for you, Chris and the kids.     I sent you an email about a jewelry organizer that is a pant hanger.  I didn’t know if you had seen anything like that.  U Stan made the one on my dresser so I’m sure Dad or Trent could make something like that and make it taller and with extra bars.  I also have some old door knobs, etc  that could be used if you wanted to hang something on the wall.  Just some ideas I saw.     I better get back to enjoying doing nothing.  I’m over a week behind on my Bible readings so I want to read a little bit.     Love you!   Mom   


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