Bedtime Conversation

Parker and Ryann share a bedroom and almost every night spend 15 minutes to an hour talking. Yes, we listen in over the monitor choosing when to really pay attention.   Their conversations are sometimes loud, obnoxious and out-of-control, other times they are sweet and absolutely heart-melting. Tonight’s discussion was all of the above and ended with Chris and I dying in laughter (if they only knew):

Parker: God and Jesus are the same person.
Ryann: Ooohhhhh!
Parker: Jesus lived over 2000 years ago.
Ryann: Cool!
Parker: Our souls never die…they live for 100, 2000 years.
Ryann: Yeah, and Dinosaurs are going to eat our beds!


2 thoughts on “Bedtime Conversation

  1. Wow!! And love all the great traditions you are creating for your family tree and all, advent calendar, wish I was one of you children. What about the FROHOCK tradition??

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