God is everywhere!

The whole family went grocery shopping on Saturday morning and our normal, crazy chore for us turned into a great lesson for the kids, and Chris and I.

Chris and I always divide and conquer the grocery store.  We each take a child (or two) and split the list and get busy shopping.  While we were shopping, there was another gentleman out, filling his cart with goodies for the holiday, but he had something very special he was doing along the way.  He was handing out 26 acts of kindness in remembrance of those who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.  Can you believe Chris and I were both on the receiving end of this wonderful act?  It gave us a chance to briefly chat with the kids that God has given this man a heart of giving.  We did not go into detail as to what happened in Newtown, as we have been fortunate enough to avoid the news and conversations around it when the kids were present.

It’s never easy running errands with three kids in the city, let alone a grocery trip, however Chris and I were very moved by this act and plan to pay it forward.  It was a beautiful reminder from God to enjoy every minute with our children, even if it is frustrating to grocery shop with them.  We will be forever grateful for the children that God has blessed us with and will continue to keep those in Newtown in our prayers and our hearts this Christmas.



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