Homework conversation

I will definitely be posting a blog soon about all the school fun, changes and newness for us, however, this one had to be documented ASAP or Momma would forget.

I was helping Parker with homework tonight, which so far has been sort of a challenge. It’s only been two days, but he’s not a fan of it. I know it’s because he has to draw a picture. This kid can color but drawing is not his thing. Grandpa Stine may need to teach him a few tricks with drawing.

Here is how things went down…he’s frustrated bc he can’t draw like other kids and he said he copied their pictures during school.

Me: Everyone has diff talents, bud.
P: Drawing isn’t mine…being a ninja is my talent.
Me: Yeah but do u think you can get a job being a ninja?
P: If I move to China!

He is so matter of fact and has an answer for everything. I love this kid!


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