Just plain fun…

Before long you will start to see everyones “first day of school” pictures posted everywhere…i’ll be one of those people too, but it’ll be different than the preschool pictures. Those days I said “see-ya” to Parker for 2.5 hrs, 2-3 days a week. That allowed me time to run errands with only two kids and I was back to pick him up. It didn’t change my daily routine too much.

This time I’ll be dropping him off for 7 straight hours, 5 days a week. This means morning fun and lunch will be different. But one thing I realized today was that my afternoons will be quite lonely, until I adjust. Parker hasn’t napped in almost 2 years. Ryann and Garrett both nap so this has always been our quality time. We do his daily devotion and we talk about how we see God in our lives (this will continue just at a different time), we read a high-five magazine, God’s Big World magazine, practice sight words by shooting them with nerf dart guns on a dry erase board (more on this another time) and then other stuff that is just plain fun. Oh, and play ipad games that my 5 year old is way better at than me. More importantly, we have great conversations…one of the key things we always hear as a parent is to “keep the communication lines open”…I pray every day that no matter what my child hears in school that he brings it home to talk about it with my husband and I. I can only hope that the valuable time I’ve spent as a stay at home mom over the last five years has built a solid foundation for Parker to enter in this new world of elementary school.

I will admit that yes, I’ll be sad to have my boy off at school, however I must also admit that I already have a list of things I want (not need) to do in that 2-3 hour window my other two are napping. I will have 5 days in a row of a small time slot to myself…the options do seem endless. 🙂

Today’s plain fun with my kids consisted of fun at a splash pad with friends, and then more specifically with my boy during nap time: acting as ninjas w fly swatters, learning how to snap (video below), goofy pictures and lots of laughs. Here’s a glimpse of what we share…
Parker’s learning to snap